(aka Cap'n Toby Two Patch)

born August 4, 2007




Watch out! He's the fiercest canine to sail the seven seas!

This spunky little Papillon pup is destined to become the new Toby Dog in Professor Freshwater's Punch and Judy Show. And more importantly, he is our new doggie "son." We added him to our family on November 4, 2007. We named the little guy "Kian" (KEE-un), an Irish name meaning "clever" and "enduring." He's definitely clever; may he also be truly enduring! (He's already endearing.)

Kian's stage name in our puppet show will be "Cap'n Toby Two Patch."  He may be the first Pirate Toby Dog in the history of Punch and Judy! Ar!



Kian's Breeding

       Kian was bred by Wendy Rios of Trinket Papillons. He was born in Davenport, IA and has one little brother. Kian is a "mismark." He is a sound and healthy Papillon with good structure and an outgoing personality. But the markings on his face aren't continuous on both sides. He has a half-mask on the left and an eyepatch on the right, which disqualifies him for showing.

        But he will be on stage anyway as a puppet show actor! His little eyepatch is the perfect built-in pirate costume. Thus, his stage name will be "Cap'n Toby Two Patch."

Kian's Mother

       Kian's mother is ZELICAON SHALL WE DANCE (Dancer). Her mother, CH GREG-MAR FLUTTERING ZELICAON (Pixie), was conceived in Japan and born in the U.S. Dancer's father, CH PIPISTRELLE PACKAWALUP (Packa), was bred by Pipistrelle Papillons in Ireland. (That's why we gave Kian an Irish name.) Here is Dancer as a puppy:



And today with Kian and his brother:


Photos from Trinket Papillons.


Kian's Father

TRINKET'S IN THE ZONE (Shooter) is Kian's (presumed) father. Here's Shooter with breeder/owner Wendy Rios:


Photo from Trinket Papillons.

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Age 23 weeks (photos by Diane Rains)


Age 21 weeks (photos by Diane Rains)


Age 15 weeks (photos by Diane Rains)


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