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Standing Weaveation
Posted on March 31, 2009 by freshwater
Andi's trio of weave poles has just become a quartet.

4 pole weave

After achieving a 90% success rate with 3 poles, we are back to working on 4 poles in a row (thus, 3 gate openings). As before, Andi has a strong urge to start her weave run in the middle gate. I have been trying to shape her to start in the left gate, with 50-60% success.

I have come to realize, once again, that my timing and placement of the reward must be perfect for this complex training challenge. And I have discovered that sitting on a stool in front of the tank doesn't give me the precise view and maneuverability that's needed. At the end of yesterday's session, I stood up and looked down through the water during Andi's weave. The view was perfect; I could accurately hit the correct click and reward spots. With better trainer performance, Andi performed better. She followed the desired diagonal path through each gate, and made it all the way through the 4-pole set without error! This happened four times, and then we were out of treats for that session.

So from now on (for weaving, at least) this trainer will be out standing in her field. In her living room.