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OK In The Corral
Posted on August 23, 2007 by freshwater


Fed about 2 inches of gel food recipe (w/ peas). They didn’t want to eat the 1/4” chunks.

Tried using a turkey baster to deliver the chunks right in front of the fish's mouths. That worked pretty well; Ricky nibbled at a chunk on the end of the baster, but didn't actually eat much. Not sure if they don't like the formula or only want to eat very small pieces. I used the baster to suck out the uneaten food, and some of it broke into very tiny, floaty bits which eventually sank. Then the goldies grazed happily at the bottom, picking those up. But the water got pretty messy!

Made feeding corrals (square) from brightly colored cable ties w/ standard aquarium suction cups. These will be used to teach Behavior 1 - Place