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One Ringy-Dingy?
Posted on January 06, 2009 by freshwater
Jor Jor is learning how to ring a bell. She wasn't quite ready to ring in the New Year, though; she nibbled it in instead.

Mouthing a bead tied to a bell string is one step toward Jor Jor's ultimate goal, and she's become quite proficient at it. She even actually rings the bell occasionally, but almost never during a training session. That means that I haven't been able to reinforce the shaking/pulling behavior required to get a sound out of the bell. I'm thinking of tying some spinach to the bell string so that Jor Jor will yank on it. Then I can reinforce and shape that action into a proper bell ring.

Right now we're working with a small toy bell. Finding the right way to mount the bell over the aquarium has been the biggest challenge of this project. I'm still not completely satisfied with our setup.

Eventually, once Jor Jor perfects her ringing technique, I will train her to ring several tuned bells. Then she can play actual fish-composed music! I might even be able to direct her to play a tune that we humans would recognize.

Now, that would be cool!