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Buoying Ricky's Spirits - VIDEO
Posted on October 30, 2008 by freshwater

Recently I took Ricky to see Dr. Amy Kizer, our excellent local fish vet for x-rays, aspiration of excess air from the swim bladder, and an antibiotic injection. At that time Ricky's situation seemed so dire, and he was so depressed, that we considered euthanasia. But I just couldn't give up on my little piano-playing friend.

So I set about to find a way to get Ricky upright and swimming once more. After many hours of research, trial and error, and sewing -- success! I have designed a weighted vest for Ricky that allows him to swim and rise up or sink down in the tank at will, like a normal fish. I call it his Speedo. I'm still working to perfect the design, but I am so happy that I was able dramatically improve Ricky's quality of life. He's not free of medical problems, but he seems content. And so am I.

Here he is modeling the suit that gives him super powers: