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The Well-Dressed Goldfish
Posted on September 17, 2008 by freshwater

Goldfish have many admirable traits; one of these is beauty. But beauty is a changeable thing...


Original Mango


Lighter Mango

Fancy goldfish are bred in a seemingly infinite variety of lovely shapes and colors. But it's a little risky to choose a fish because of body markings or colors. These can change over the life of the fish due to diet, disease, or just aging.

I mainly chose Miss Mango for The Ugly Guppy because of her alertness, strong swimming, and buoyancy control. But her clown-suit colors, orange cap and little pouty orange lips seemed perfect for the show. My graphics and puppet designs of Mango all emphasize her coloration.

I may have to rethink those designs, though, because Mango's color is changing! Her orange areas are slowly lightening, and her white areas are darkening, to pale peach. She may end up being a peachy goldfish! I don't know if this is happening due to diet, growing up, or the effects of antibiotic treatment for the intestinal infection that she and Ricky have both been fighting for months. I am trying various color-enhancing diets, hoping to keep her original color intact. If she does change colors completely, she will be no less valuable to me and the show. I'll just have to work the color change into The Ugly Guppy's plot!

Time will tell...