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Riches of Rags
Posted on June 08, 2012 by freshwater
If Galene could suddenly become human and travel back in time, she would marry Scott Joplin RIGHT NOW!

I've been playing a selection of Joplin's slow rags for my seahorse fry at mealtime. I expect this will condition them to pay attention to musical form, since ragtime is a rhythmically distinct genre. They will associate music with pleasure, since they like to eat. Eventually they will equate music itself with pleasure. Then when they are old enough for their innate dance urges to emerge, they should excel at musical dancing.

So I'm playing Joplin for the fry tank, and out of the corner of my eye, I see Galene in the adult seahorse tank (about 7 feet away) reacting to the music. She sways her body, floats through the water, and curls her time in blissful interpretation of Joplin's blissful rhythms and harmonies.

If Joplin could become a seahorse and travel forward in time, oh, the amazing offspring he and Galene would have!