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Meet the Fish: Mango Smoothie
Posted on May 08, 2008 by freshwater

How cute is THIS face? 


Meet Mango Smoothie! If all goes as planned, this adorable female Ranchu goldfish will play the part of Ilsa in The Ugly Guppy.

Mango is currently living in my 15 gallon quarantine tank. She will graduate to the 30 gallon tank after 2-4 weeks. Quarantine is necessary in order to insure the health of both my fish. Fish almost always bring parasites with them from the fish store, and Mango is no exception. She has a few parasites and a bacterial infection, but she's responding very well to medication. Mango is a strong swimmer, in spite of not having a dorsal fin. (The Lionhead and Ranchu breeds both lack this top fin.) After nearly a week since her move from the fish store, Mango Smoothie seems right at home in her tank. I have begun introducing her to the basics of training. She quickly caught on to the purpose of the feeding wand and is very fond of mealtimes!