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Busy Fish, No Slacker
Posted on October 23, 2010 by freshwater
Thus far I've had two fruitful weeks with new music student Promethea.

Thea quickly mastered the windchimes and seems to enjoy ringing them when left to her own devices. (Thus far I haven't made her understand that chime-ringing is what I'm after during training. We'll get there.)

Also, I have introduced Thea to her native music: Hawaiian slack key guitar. She really likes it and contributed a few windchime notes as she listened. That's pretty amazing progress; she's only been here 10 days! And I do believe I've found a theme for her CD! Anybody know of a slack key guitarist in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area who'd like to jam with a fish? Haven't found anyone online. Guess for now I'll just have to fake it on my digital piano's guitar setting. Not quite the same.

You know, I think I need to go to the source of the tradition for some in-depth study...