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A Beginning
Posted on October 05, 2010 by freshwater
There are a few things in life that I just can't bear, and one is a recently vacated fish tank. So I have two options: clean it up and put it away, or clean it up and fill it with a new life full of possibility. Even though I know my heart will eventually be shattered again, I can't resist finding a new tenant for that tank — fish orchestra, First Chair.

When I got Jor Jor, I didn't start out to train the world's most musical goldfish. I just wanted to fill the empty tank left by the departure of my darling piano player, Ricky. I decided to teach Jor Jor to play a few notes on some bells to accompany The Ugly Guppy's circus scene, but I had no ambitions beyond that. But Jor Jor turned out to be a natural musician, astounding me every day. So of course, I had to go on with her musical education. She had a destiny.

And now, I am too enamored of fish music to let this go. So I have decided to launch a project in Jor Jor's memory — The Jor Jor Music Academy for Goldfish (JJMAG). What is it? Mostly it's just me training goldfish to play music, seeking new ways to build instruments for them, new avenues with which they can grow and express themselves musically. Each student will make a CD, and in this way, the world will discover the hidden aesthetic depths of the goldfish brain. Eventually I plan a web site with tips for would-be trainers who want to try it themselves. Lesson plans for classrooms. Even ways in which a musical goldfish can help teach children to read music.

These are long term goals, which I will slowly accomplish along with the umpteen puppetry projects that occupy my time and attention. For now, step one is to welcome JJMAG's first student:


Meet Ms. Promethea Lepidaqua ("Moth"), so named because her tail reminds me of the Promethea moth:

Promethea moth

Promethea's tail

Promethea will arrive from Oahu's Rain Garden Goldfish Farm on October 8. Then let the liquid halls of academe ring with music once again!