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Here's Lookin' At You, Jor Jor! - VIDEO
Posted on August 27, 2010 by freshwater
How does a goldfish define music?

Does she feel rhythm and mood, hear tone and nuance? Could she play an actual tune on cue? Improvise an accompaniment that would sound musical to human ears? Would her view of music intersect ours? Two years ago, I would have said "Ridiculous!" Now, I am, quite simply, astonished. We are in unknown waters. What a lovely, mysterious place!

I should perhaps explain how this video was made. In the first section, Jor Jor had been trained to ring whichever bell I indicated by a red light cue. Everything you see and hear in the second section was improvised by Jor Jor and happened in real time as it was filmed. Jor Jor listened to the piano track, and she freely chose to ring her bells, with no prompting from her trainer. I believe the music moved her.