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Jor Jor's 15 Minutes
Posted on May 28, 2010 by freshwater
Sun News

They say everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. Apparently that includes fish!

This week Jor Jor and I quite suddenly and unexpectedly became famous. This tale of fins to riches (metaphorical riches only) begins with an offer by our friends at R2 Fish School. They asked if I would be interested in having a British news agency do a story about Jor Jor's musical achievements. The idea was to generate some publicity both for Freshwater Pearls and for R2 Fish School. Sounded good to me! So the story was written, and for a week or two I heard nothing more about it.

Then on Wednesday, May 26, a massive drift net of celebrity swift us off our feet and fins. The Sun, Great Britain's premiere gossip rag, picked up Jor Jor's story. And from there the story whizzed through the international news media faster than a minnow chased by barracuda. By evening Jor Jor's musical talent was splashed across media in the UK, Australia, India, China, Russia, and other countries. People everywhere were tweeting and blogging about my humble trainee. Calls came in from UK radio stations, and I found myself being interviewed by BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Scotland and TalkSport Radio UK. Everyone was eager to hear my special fingirl play, and Jor Jor didn't disappoint. She enthusiastically rang handbells and windchimes, live, in real time, for captivated audiences thousands of miles away from her cozy tank.

For 24 hours Jor Jor and I were media darlings! And the next day, everybody forgot about us! New google hits diminished, the phone stopped ringing, life returned to normal. And that's okay with me. Fame is exhausting!

Here are links to

1) The Sun article,

2) our BBC Radio Scotland interview, and
(Click "Listen Now" and advance to 1:16:12)

3) our BBC Radio Wales interview.
(Advance to 1:54:12)

These links will be active for just one week, so listen now, and marvel at the quicksilver, fickle nature of celebrity!