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Luna in New Moon
Posted on May 01, 2010 by freshwater

Like the new moon, Luna's light has gone out.

Yesterday I had to euthanize my once beautiful girl, who was devastated by Mycobacterium marinum and an amoeba infestation. None of my doctoring could beat such insatiable bacteria and parasites.

Luna was always herself. Unlike my previous ranchus, she wasn't sweet and agreeable. She was a terror to any tankmate, tho...ugh that was partly because of her history. Luna grudgingly participated in training, but she didn't particularly care about it. In many ways I think her existence was a little empty. When her last tankmate died (she all but murdered him), I didn't attempt to give her another companion.

She was a tough little gal. Her previous tankmates succumbed rather quikly to M. marinum, but Luna's immune system allowed her to survive. She beat the odds many times, until they finally stacked too strongly against her.

She had many faults, but I loved her anyway. I will miss her.

And that is the end of my keeping of ranchu goldfish. They are generally sweet, eager fish, and cute as can be. But they have no hardiness, and they always faded too quickly from my life, if not from my heart.

So it's on to pipefish and then an octopus in the space Luna vacated. How different they will be from the willing little fishes without a dorsal fin that have lived there over the years!

Goodbye, Opaluna Ma'am-in-the-Moon, my scrappy little girl. May you find peace at last.