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Great Quads - VIDEO
Posted on October 31, 2009 by freshwater
Like a complex jigsaw puzzle, live goldfish elements of The Ugly Guppy are beginning to fit together. Clem is really working out, which explains why he has great quads! (Quadruple hooping, that is.)

I've been experimenting with titles for various sequences of the Cirque du Filet scene, and I'm pleased with what I can create with Final Cut and Live Type software. The final Cirque du Filet cut will be a collage of Clemmie's tricks, titles, and footage of Jor Jor playing bells, all timed with our soundtrack (provided by Stu Janis live and Jor Jor recorded). That's a lot of pieces to assemble, but I think the final product will be worth all the time and effort!