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Good Gravy! It's Mashed!
Posted on October 26, 2009 by freshwater
As I accumulate video footage for use in the Cirque du Filet scene of The Ugly Guppy, I find that the tune I composed for that scene isn't long enough. What to do?

Fortunately, digital editing makes it very easy to rearrange a piece of music. To make my little tune longer, I'm experimenting with "mashups" (a creative combination of two or more pieces of music). Into the Cirque du Filet theme I dropped "Rispiti" performed by The House Band. The result is a fun, spooky little mix — tasty as mashed potatoes and butter. Here are two arrangements:



During an actual Ugly Guppy performance, this mashup tune will feature Stu Janis live on hammered dulcimer and concertina, with Jor Jor providing pre-recorded harmony on bells.

Bring on the gravy! This mash is hot!