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The Case of the Disappearing Wen
Posted on August 29, 2009 by freshwater
Though both April and Clemmie had nice wens (head growth) when I got them, April Apricot has mysteriously been losing her wen. It is pretty much completely gone now. She had a mild fluke infection recently, which has cleared up with Prazi. Other than that, she appears pretty healthy.

I think perhaps I have not been feeding enough. A week ago I began feeding twice a day instead of once a day, and I have upped the protein content of the food. I now feed one meal of Mazuri color-enhancing gel (55% protein) or homemade bloodworm-vegetable gel (48% protein) in the morning, and a snack of frozen bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp, or peas in the late afternoon. I am thinking of adding Hikari Lionhead to April and Clem's diet — a food specialized for lionheads. I can only hope that Miss April will soon return to her former punkin-headed glory!