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No Lyin' — Head goes through hoop
Posted on June 25, 2009 by freshwater
My new lionhead, Clemmie, is beginning to enjoy circus life.

For the first week in his new home, he was shy and hid a lot. But like all of my previous fish, training coaxed him out of his timidity. Now he swims around quite boldly.

And he loves training! We're working on the simple hoop trick. He hasn't quite figured out what earns him his reward, but he has no trouble at all swimming through the hoop. I am trying to be very accurate in my clicking. He gets his secondary reinforcer (green light flash) just BEFORE he enters the hoop, while he's in motion and can see the hoop. Like ranchus, his vision is best directly in front of him. By the time he's in the hoop, he already can't see it, so it's important to click just before he enters. It won't be long before he has his first "lightbulb moment" and thinks "Hey! Swimming through this thing gets me the reward! I think I'll do it some more!"

Then the real fun begins!