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Three Part Harmony
Posted on June 08, 2009 by freshwater
... one part fish. Jor Jor's got it! Like all devoted music students, Jor Jor has advanced beyond Spinning Wheel-equivalent beginner music. She's playing at Chopin level now, making beautiful harmonies.


Very few animals can simultaneously produce melody and harmony. Some birds can do it. I feel confident in saying that Ms. Jor Jor is the only living goldfish capable of playing a tune in three-part harmony.

How is this possible? Lke music students everywhere, once Jor Jor mastered her beginner's bell, she was ready to graduate to a professional instrument. She now has three bells in her carillon. Each has a pull rope. An extra, external bell clapper with pull string is mounted adjacent to the bells. Jor can play any one bell, or she can fling the external clapper toward the bells to make all three ring at once. Thus, harmony!


From here, the sky (er, water surface) is the limit! In the near future Jor Jor's instrument collection will include floating Bell Buoys and a windchime.

I might even teach her to play the piano! I don't think Ricky would mind.