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RO RO RO Your Water
Posted on May 28, 2009 by freshwater
My new reverse osmosis system is up and running. My goldfish tanks finally have all-round healthy water!

My mix is a veritable witch's brew: 50% RO water, 50% mixed softened/well water, to which I add Central American Cichlid salt for major minerals and Kent Freshwater Essentials for trace minerals. My water FINALLY has healthy levels of calcium and magnesium, which are essential for goldfish osmoregulation. (I think Andi and Kisho bloated up because these minerals were absent from the water, and their health slid irrevocably downhill.)

Carbonate levels are very high in our well water here at Punchinello Prairie — so high that, before my RO system, when I added calcium to my tanks, it just precipitated out in the form of calcium carbonate. The fish ate that chalky substance, which seriously upset their intestinal tract. Now my water has a lower, healthier carbonate level. There's enough of the stuff to maintain the water's pH balance, but not enough to form the annoying chalk.

Jor Jor is already benefitting from a healthier aquatic environment. I have every hope that she, along with future inhabitants of my living room's strange new water worlds, will live long and prosper!