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Big Plan, Little Plan
Posted on May 28, 2009 by freshwater
I am hopeful that next month a new ranchu actor will join the cast of The Ugly Guppy, and I'm formulating a training plan.

Hoop Tricks

The Big Plan is: have a littler plan! I wasted precious months trying to teach Andi the weave pole trick. She never did get it, and she died before we could accomplish anything else. I don't plan to make that mistake again; I sincerely hope to finish training for the Ugly Guppy with this next fish!

I have found that hoop swimming is the easiest circus trick for goldfish to learn. So my next actor will be a hoop specialist. We'll start easy, and then advance to more complex hoop tricks. If all goes well, the clever ranchu should perform an impressive display of hoopability.

But any trick that hasn't been learned in 4 weeks is off the agenda!