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Fresh Water, Freshwater!
Posted on May 17, 2009 by freshwater
Bubble Blog followers know that I go the extra nautical mile for my actor fish. I've tried my darndest to keep them safe when they're healthy and cure them when they're sick. I've devoted my overworked brain to infinitely vexing questions from "How do I kill antibiotic-resistant Asian bacteria?" to "What thrills a goldfish's taste buds?" What else, then, could I possibly do to keep these delicate creatures alive and well?

Alchemy. Yep, the one thing I haven't done is magically create the most precious substance on earth &mdash water. Until now.

I have come to realize that the well water we have here at Punchinello Prairie is inherently unhealthy for fish. I've tried treating it with various substances to improve it, but it's still not acceptable. So get your umbrellas, folks, I'm about to make it rain! Not from the sky, from my laundry room faucet. With the help of a complicated new reverse osmosis filtration system, I will soon be able to make PERFECT water. Swimming in that delectable stuff should put a great big smile on my fishes' little scaly faces. (If, you know, they could smile.)

How beautiful the water is!
To me 'tis wondrous fair--
No spot can ever lonely be
If water sparkle there;
It hath a thousand tongues of mirth,
Of grandeur, or delight,
And every heart is gladder made
When water greets the sight.

~ Elizabeth Oakes Smith
American poet and author
(1806 - 1893)