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Once Again, Sadness
Posted on April 28, 2009 by freshwater
I'm sorry to report that we lost both Andi and Kisho this morning.

Kisho and Andi
In recent weeks both fish had shown "pinceconing." (The scales stick out on the body due to an accumulation of fluids.) I treated with two antibiotics and made some water improvements a few weeks ago, and the fishes' swelling was receding. They were in no distress. But they both very suddenly went into shock late last night and died this morning. I suspect an opportunistic Aeromonas bacterial infection was the cause of death.

(Thus far, Jor Jor seems healthy. I will be on the lookout for trouble.)

These little ranchus are just not hardy; good health never seems to last. But the short lives of Andi and Kisho enriched my own, and while they were with me, I loved them wholeheartedly.

It is hard to go through this again and again. But I find that I can't give up on goldfish. It has become an addiction! So I will "audition" some new ranchu actors and start again. And, foolish me, I will love them wholeheartedly, too.