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Weave Slave
Posted on April 11, 2009 by freshwater
That's me, a slave to the crazy idea that Andi can conquer the weave poles! Thus far, every technique I've tried has failed once we get past three poles; she keeps reverting to the urge to swim in circles. (A bogeyman called resurgence in training parlance.)

I'm giving this trick one more shot, then I give up, and we'll move on to something else. My latest technique breaks the weave behavior down to the simplest possible task: when you see a red pole, swim past it toward the back of the tank. Red is a hot color for these fish because the feeding wand has a red tip where the food come out. So hopefully Andi will focus on getting to and past each red pole she encounters. If I click and reward in the correct place, she should scoot past any non-red pole in her urge to get to the food and then focus on the next red pole. Here's the plan (C=click, r=reward). First, with just one pole, learn the basic movement. Then apply that to a 3-pole set:

Red pole weave triplet

And finally, repeat this pattern with every red pole in sequence. (Stay tuned for details and results!)