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Lost, But Not Gone Forever - VIDEO
Posted on December 13, 2009 by freshwater
Today Cirque du filet's aquatic tricks have become trickles of tears. My darlin' Clement Tine died this morning from a Mycobacterium marinum infection.

He carried these bacteria — Death itself — with him from China. There is no cure. Some fish succumb quickly, and some live for years before the disease becomes active. It's hard to love someone who is on loan for such a short time, but we don't have a choice in these matters.

Clem was a gentle, agreeable, trusting, and willing fish. In spite of his steady decline from the day I got him, he accomplished what no other fish before him could manage. He became a puppet show star! Over two years, eight other fish tried and failed in this quest, succumbing to their own health problems. But Clem persevered in his training, and loved it! He learned every nuance of every trick needed for The Ugly Guppy and performed them all brilliantly for the camera. He even invented a few new moves!

Clemmie was special. He was the one. My admiration for him could fill an ocean of circus tents. And that's how I much I miss him today.

I wish he could have been here next year for the premiere of his theatrical triumph. But then, it wouldn't really have meant much to him. He was content to swim around his tank (his version of a golden river), enjoy his daily training, keep company with his new friend, Luna, watch me through the glass walls of the world, and slip gently through the currents of his life.

Clem's sweet, ever-diminishing form is lost from the waters around me, but he is not gone forever. He made my dream happen, and he is always in my heart.

Clemmie, my darling, you are not far from home.