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Love is close,
Love is far.
Love determines who we are.
Hopeful heart or jaded,
each seeks love.
Is love beyond its reach?





Freshwater Pearls Puppetry presents a puppet show for the heart ~ three stories, each driven by seemingly unattainable love. A snowman longs for the company of a potbellied stove. A goldfish nurtures her fondest aspiration ~ to become a ballerina. An ardent mouse risks everything for his sweetheart. All strive for love. Can they reach it?


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Part 1:   The Snowman's Wish


Based on a Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Snowman's Wish tells the story of a snowman who falls hopelessly in love with a pot-bellied stove. The Snowman's Wish is rich with emotion and symbolism. Like snow diamonds in the sun, Freshwater Pearls' production sparkles with the beauty of winter and of heart-melting love.


Rod puppets, shadow puppets, digital video projection, live piano music

Part 2:   Lac du Cygnes et les Poissons D'Or (Goldfish Swan Lake)

Goldfish dream

What if the one thing you wanted to be with all your heart were impossible? What would happen if you tried?


Goldfish Swan Lake is a short film featuring live, trained goldfish actors and shadow puppets

Part 3:  The Ballad of Sticky Bun
Sticky Bun

A romantic mouse discovers that, while love is sweet, it can get a little sticky.


Shadow puppets, digital projection, live hammered dulcimer music and singing

Technical Details
  • A darkened room is required

  • Minimum performance space: 20 feet wide by 25 feet deep by 9 feet high

  • A room for costume changes is appreciated, or space for our 3'x6' portable changing booth

  • We bring: puppet stage, lighting trees, LED theatre lights, digital projector, projector stand, laptop computer, ipad, sound mixer, speakers, speaker stands, electric piano, hammered dulcimer, puppets, props, costumes

  • Total show length = 41 minutes. Setup time = 75 mins. Strike time = 75 mins.

  • Puppetry and music by Diane Rains and Stu Janis. Animal training by Smart Small Fry (Diane Rains, trainer).

  • Audience size: up to 300

Upcoming Performances


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Friday, June 29, 2012 - 7:30 pm

Saturday, June 30, 2012 - 7:30 pm


Dreamland Arts


677 Hamline Ave N., St. Paul, MN 55104



$15 or pay what you can

Order online or by phone (651) 645-5506

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Love Beyond Reach is a quiet show with mature emotional content.

It is appropriate ONLY for adults and older children aged 8 and up.




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